chill the fuck out and eat a pancake.


It must be really weird for Russia, being the Dolores Umbridge of the world

damn, starting to feel like i’m on the wrong team

damn, starting to feel like i’m on the wrong team

was looking up info on massive attack

clicked on daddy g

was like, “dayum he fine”

then read a little more

then i stopped-

i’m sorry, what

how the fuck

someone’s aging like a fine ass wine…

dear english people,

please don’t judge us americans for that absolutely dumb fucking “i want to marry harry” show. they legit found 12 women out of 317 million americans who have never looked at a picture of prince harry and conned them into thinking any old ginger with an english accent is him. THE VAST MAJORITY OF US ARE NOT THAT STUPID. and for the record, most of us would rather marry will. 

Anonymous asked
About your UofM invisible spray post, I'm not sure if you knew but it was posted on April Fools day so it's not real.


Well I’ve been had.

Thanks bro

damn molly


can’t you see we’re all team lester here

who cares if he’s guilty

his wife had it comin’

and fuck da police

bill: so what was that gum from high school

molly: stop changing the fucking subject, bill, i'm policing here

ah yes, i’ve been waiting for my boo adam goldberg to grace us with his presence. that’s my beautiful bearded boiiii

i fucking hate musical theater but if it brings you joy then rock the fuck on

my friend and i share a netflix account and at this point, netflix is so confused by us. like, it does not know what to suggest because he keeps watching LGBT movies and all i watch is sherlock, always sunny, and bob’s burgers…

…and netflix is just like